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During Covid 19 restrictions, we understand that while you are staying home and keeping New Zealand safe, you would still like to look your best. That is why we are introducing Click & Collect to offer our existing clients the opportunity to purchase their favourite hair and beauty products.


When Level 3 is announced by the Government, our ‘Click & Collect' service will become available.


There is no online store, so you will need to:

  • Complete the form below to place your order

  • Tell us the products that you need, and we will email you with the total amount payable

  • Make a bank transfer to settle your account

  • Collect your product during a nominated time



  • Sadly, there will be no face to face contact with you 

  • All payments must be made via bank transfer before pickup. (Please send us a screenshot of your payment). 

  • Our CLICK AND COLLECT service will only be available on selected times and days. Our team's health and safety is important during this time and we won’t compromise their bubble. 

  • Your order will be treated with care. Regular washing of hands, hand sanitizer used after each order and face mask worn.

  • Your order will be passed through the door on your arrival and we ask that you leave straight away.

Thank you for your support during this time. We can’t wait to return to normal operation so we can catch up with you all again. 

Click & Collect Order Form

Thank you! We will be in touch via email soon with a price for your order and payment information.

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